Pasticceria, cioccolateria and gelateria Bergamo: La Paqualina

The story of this place started in 1912 with Pasqualina, the first person who launch the restaurant business that lasts for four generations.

La Pasqualina bakery, chocolaterie and ice-cream shop has gone on till now delighting its guests with its home made products, made with genuine, fresh and of first choice primary materials, wisely worked respecting the original recipes and proposed in pleasant locations, managed with experience and passion by the stuff, in primis Riccardo.

The king of the product is the ice-cream, made with fresh ingredients starting from milk that comes from the farm every day. Special are some flavors: mascarpone, zabaione, chestnut from Calizzano pistachio from Bronte that, as Riccardo says, not just is it green but also tastes as pistachio.

Together with ice-cream, at La Pasqualina a special ice-cream bowl has been invented and patented in which each flavor is separated from the other.

Even chocolate at La Pasqualina is made with ingredients personally chosen and it is realized following the patisserie rules learned in Belgium from the best maitre chocolatiers.

The bakery closes this trip into the sweet taste. Recipes of ancient times linked with trials of new flavors and combinations are proposed at La Pasqualina. Fragrant and delicious croissants are made and baked every morning.

Combined with pastry and sweets or drunk alone, another main feature at La Pasqualina is tea: a lot of type of tea coming from China, Japan, India, Nepal and so on, served at the right temperature using the typical japanese cast iron pot Iwachu.

La Pasqualina is in Almenno San Bartolomeo, place named “historic job in Lombardy”, in Bergamo and since 2012 in Porto Cervo.

Pasticceria, cioccolateria, gelateria Bergamo: uniqueness at La Pasqualina

La Pasqualina

Almenno San Bartolomeo (BG)

Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 39

Tel. +39 035 540040


Via Borfuro, 1

Tel. +39 035 232708

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